Tuesday, 9 December 2014


Today, December 9, 2015. Three months are passed since I have been arrived in Murcia. A small city where there are 20 degree at midday in winter… I used to work 5 day per/week. Most of the time in the Association Office, in front of my computer, in the morning and in the afternoon…I spent my time working and training, working and training, and so on from Monday to Friday…and take a little rest during the weekend.
What is the EVS for me? Just a way to come back inside you and find out yourself. Discovering what you really want to do, what you like, what are your ambition and in what direction turn the anchor of your destiny boat. Is a path, temporarily moved from one coast to another coast, like Acheronte transport the dead soul to accomplish their already written destiny. It is a trip, when people pass by and take part of your life and in a blink of yours eyes they just disappear, remaining only nostalgic photo “liked” on the social networks. During this journey, something good can happen, a stone can fall you down, or just the routine of your life can shelter you from the happy/dangerous things that surround you. The question is how much do you want open up yourself? If you really want to open yourself, how much people, things, events, smiles and fun are you able to let go inside you. The answer is simple: just let it flow and the time pass fast leaving good memories on your back, filling your baggage of memories and competences, new skills and shared abilities…the wave will crash on the sand and the circle will start again.
During this period, I am learning how to work with children, how to do social theatre with the inmates in a Sangonera Prison, how to organize an international meeting, how to use different methodologies like no-formal, informal education, new tools and instrument, to make efficient and effective the daily work. Is good discover abilities hidden inside you, competences that you have developed but never taking out. They just sleep waiting to wake up and join you in your day life. We are like an electronic instruments, always we need to be updated, to learn during all the lifetime, to learn to learn, to understand, watching, reading, earing, feeling...EVS give to you this opportunity, just pick it up! How when you find out a quatrefoil, a little treasure hidden between the others clovers. Some people save this “gift” on a book, with the hope to discover it when a lot of water is passed by the river. I will do the same, saving little “material” pieces that I am dropping up during this EVS time, to be able to connect these with the memories, when I need it, when the acquaintance of my life ask for it.
E.V.S. Education in Voluntary Synergy.

Ugo Pompa

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